• Sintered Silicon   Carbide+spherical-pore seal  ring

Name:Sintered Silicon Carbide+spherical-pore seal ring

Product Description

The pressureless sintered silicon carbide micropores are formed into micropores by adding special pore-forming agents through high-temperature sintering, and the micropores uniformly distributed on the friction surface and independently connected, act as a reservoir of fluid or lubricant, and help promote The friction interface maintains the liquid film, reduces the frictional heat of the friction surface, and further improves the friction performance. The product not only has the characteristics of pressureless sintering but is also suitable for working under the conditions of instantaneous dry friction and long-term semi-dry friction. High-end applications such as fields, chemicals, ships and scientific research, defense and military technology

Sintered Silicon   Carbide+spherical-pore Technical Data
Operating LimitsUnitsSSiC+P
Volume Densityg/cm³3.01~3.10
Compressive StrengthMpa1500
Flexural StrengthMpa400
PuritySIC Percentage%99
Elastic ModulusGPa300
Thermal ConductivityW/mk90~110
Maximum Temperature1500
Coefficient Of Heat Expansion10 -61/4
Microporosity %4.0~6.0
Pore Sizeμm50~80

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